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In 2003 three WSM employees travelled to Denmark to become accredited with the Cubic Modular type tested switchboard system. This has meant that our staff are highly trained in the most innovative and cutting edge technologies to ensure we can supply the right switchboard for your application.

Read the following for more information on the system or visit their website here.

The versatility of the Modular System enables constructing an electrical switchboard solution for almost every purpose and industry. Anywhere there is a necessity for safe, reliable and efficient operation of electrical switchgear and equipment. The versatility of the Modular System is underlined by the fact that CUBIC solutions are used in such various industries as OEM, mining, infrastructure, marine, production industry, power plants, renewable energy, offshore etc.

Versatile solutions

Whenever the need for a safe and efficient power distribution is needed, the CUBIC Modular system is the answer. The modular thinking behind our signature enclosure system makes it possible to build every type of switchboard solution in the low-power segment, based on several standard parts, without compromising on quality.

The main module size of 192 mm is designed to make it dividable by 12 figures without decimals. This module size ensures a maximum of versatility and an enclosure that meets individual requirements and demands from end-user, customer and consultant.

As an inherent part of the modular idea is the freedom to choose power components from any supplier. This allows for the construction of just the right switchboard for your need. On top of the versatility of the modular system it is also one of the safest and most tested enclosure systems on the market.

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